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Do’s and Don’ts of Short-Term Loans


Short-term loans, also referred to as cash advances, are a quick and simple way to get cash quickly on short notice. People just like yourself fall on hard times with emergency bills, or last-minute purchases that can’t wait, and utilize this form of credit to make ends meet. When your car needs immediate repairs or the hot water tank breaks, you don’t have time to apply for a traditional loan. You need same-day short-term loans in Mississippi to get you out of a jam. However, short-term loans should be used responsibly, as they aren’t intended as long-term solutions. Consider this list of do’s and don’ts to help manage your short-term loan needs.

Do Budget Well: Ideally, you want to repay your outstanding loan as soon as possible. Before you apply for a short-term loan, think about whether you would need the loan if it were payday. If the answer is no, this means a payday loan would work for you, as you’ll be able to pay it in full on your next payday.

Don’t Overborrow: Short-term loans are beneficial during a temporary cash shortage, and you need quick access to funds, but they are not a long-term financial solution. Only borrow as much as you need and can pay back under the agreement terms of the loan.

Do Repay ASAP: Except for payday loans, which need to be paid immediately, other forms of short-term credit, such as installment loans, have longer terms. Making the minimum payment is critical, but it’s also a good idea to repay them as soon as possible. This way you’ll minimize the chance of running into more financial issues down the road.

Whatever you do, be sure you understand the terms of your loan. If you’re going through a stressful time when you’re taking out a short-term loan, it’s easy to miss important details or skip over crucial information. At Speedee Cash, we’re here to help you through our easy loan application process and understand the terms of repayment.