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Short-Term Loans For Holiday Travel


With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, you’re probably anxiously awaiting your annual trip to your hometown to visit with family and friends. But then you realize that a trip with your family requires money. The money you don’t currently have.  Sometimes extra money isn’t there, plain and simple. When other expenses take most of your budget away and waiting for the next paycheck won’t change your financial dilemma, applying for a short-term loan is a convenient way to get access to cash immediately. A short-term loan, in the form of an installment loan, can make holiday travel funds available to you when the need is high, and the money is low.

At Speedee Cash, the process to secure short-term loans in Mississippi is an easy one. Whether you need cash to purchase airline tickets; to rent a car; for gas, food, and lodging en route to your holiday destination; to buy groceries for that big holiday meal; or for gifts, short-term installment or a title loan is a smart way to obtain money quickly.

Short-term loans in Mississippi have many benefits, but it’s essential to do your homework to ensure you’re taking out the right loan for you. Speak with a friendly staff member at one of our many Speedee Cash branches to discuss loan options and repayment plans.

Make the Holidays Less Stressful with Installment Loans

Christmas shopping can’t always wait until you’ve got a healthy nest egg set aside before its time to start making those holiday purchases. With Christmas just ten weeks away, it’s a smart idea to start planning now, especially if you’re currently living paycheck to paycheck.  Get the extra money you need and make the holidays less stressful on your budget with short-term financial solutions from Speedee Cash.

We’ll work together to ensure that the holidays are special for everyone on your shopping list. When you need money, fast and easy, we are here to provide you with a check advance in Mississippi or an installment loan.

Getting an installment loan for your holiday shopping has many benefits. With an installment loan, you’ll receive a monthly payment plan that is affordable. Without all the stress and worry if you’ll be able to provide a wonderful Christmas for your family, you can borrow the money now and make minimal payments each month until your loan is paid off.

Installment loans are also safer than using a credit card, which makes it easy to overspend. You’ll know exactly how much you have to spend and you can never spend more than you received. Also, you’ll be able to shop with confidence knowing that you can afford the monthly payments afterward. Consider your financial situation leading up to the holidays and stop into a Speedee Cash location to learn more

When Is The Right Time To Use Payday Loans?


Are you short on cash that is needed to make an emergency purchase and you are wondering if a payday loan is the right solution to solve your short-term financial problems? When used responsibly, payday loans in Mississippi can be a helpful temporary fix. Unfortunately, they are sometimes used incorrectly and only exacerbate a tough financial situation. Knowing the difference between when you should and should not use payday loans is key to responsible money management.

When To Use Payday Loans

  • Emergency medical bills
  • Car repair bills
  • To replace a broken household item such as a refrigerator, water heater, or HVAC system
  • To save on hefty late fees/nonsufficient fund charges
  • Avoiding a bounced check which can affect your credit score
  • Short on cash but can quickly repay the loan on payday

Using payday loans responsibly can help with an emergency repair or save you from expensive fees when you can’t otherwise afford them. Speedee Cash is here to help you with your short-term financial needs. Call us at 1-888-432-4434 or stop into one of our many convenient locations throughout Alabama, Mississipi, Tennessee, and Nevada, and find out if a payday loan is a right fit for your financial situation.