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Holiday Shopping On A Budget

Black Friday is just days away, which means the official start to the holiday shopping season is here. Since you’ve already secured your check advance in Georgia, and with that your spending budget is set, here are some holiday shopping tips to stretch that budget to the max.

Know Your Budget: Make your budget non-negotiable and keep a running log of what you spend.

Make a List: Make a detailed list of who you are buying for (including family, friends, teachers, co-workers, and anyone else for whom you typically purchase a gift for), how much you can afford to spend per person, and an idea of the gifts you plan to buy. This will keep you focused and help you to avoid overspending.

Shop Smarter: Do some research before you start to shop. Find the best deals first, whether they are online or in-store.

Get Creative: Not every gift needs to come from a store. If you have a long list of people to give gifts to and you’re wondering how you’ll ever afford a gift for all of them on your budget, consider some homemade gifts. You can make a sweet treat for your neighbors, create a handmade picture frame and include a throwback photo of you and your bestie, or have the kids’ create keepsakes for grandma and grandpa. Gifts of your time and talent are just as meaningful, if not more so than gifts that cost lots of cash.

Don’t procrastinate: A guaranteed way to overspend is to wait until last minute and buy all of your gifts in a rush.

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be stressful. With a solid plan in place and budget set in stone, you can shop with ease, enjoying the process of finding the perfect gifts that will bring Christmas joy to your friends and family. Happy Holidays from Speedee Cash!