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Is An Installment Loan Right For Me?

If you’re wondering whether an installment loan is right for you, then you’ve likely run into some financial troubles that require access to immediate funds. Fortunately, Speedee Cash offers a variety of short-term loan options that offer you a quick injection of cash with very little turnaround time.

First, installment loans in Mississippi are designed so that you, the borrower, pay back the money over a period of time with predetermined payments each time. In most cases, these payments, or installments, are made on a monthly basis.

Here are some important details you should be aware of in order to decide if an installment loan is right for you:

  • Length of Term: When it comes to loans, your ability to pay it off is what matters. A Speedee Cash associate will assist you in understanding exactly how much the loan will cost and how long you have to pay it back.
  • Interest Rates: Borrowing money isn’t free, but Speedee Cash service offerings are designed with your financial needs in mind. We keep our costs affordable to allow you access to the short-term funds you need.
  • Flexibility: Installment loans vary in the dollar amount and in the number of months to be repaid. Unlike payday loans, installment loans can be taken out for larger sums of money, ranging from $100 to $1,000.
  • Speedee Service: Depending on the service you choose, our quick application and approval process can get you the cash you need in a matter of minutes. We make the process easy. Just bring your photo ID, proof of income, bank statement, checkbook, and any other necessary documentation (such as vehicle title) to one of our locations.

Find the financial relief you are looking for with Speedee Cash’s short-term financial offerings. When you need cash now, our many locations have the solutions to get you back on financial track.