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Handling Unexpected Expenses When You Have No Savings

You never know when life is going to throw a curveball at you. Things could be sailing along smoothly one day, and then the next day – bam! Reality smacks you in the face. Maybe you get into an accident that causes significant damage to your vehicle. Or, you could have to deal with the exorbitant expenses associated with an emergency trip to the hospital. You may even have to deal with a major plumbing issue at your home that requires immediate attention. Unless you have plenty of money sitting in your savings account, you’ll need an installment lender in Mississippi to help you deal with those unexpected expenses.

It’s difficult enough to come up with the money for rent, bills, and groceries each month without having a major expense thrown on top of everything else. Fortunately, there are respected companies like Speedee Cash out there that are willing and able to help you out of a jam when you’re in financial need. They provide great services such as payday check advances, title loans, and installment loans that allow you to take care of your obligations even when you’re short on funds. The next time you’re in need of an installment lender, talk to the good folks at Speedee Cash, and they’ll be glad to help you out.

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Using Short-Term Loans for Home Repair

An unfortunate reality of life is that emergencies happen – whether you’re prepared for them or not. When it comes to emergency home repairs, some things just can’t wait until the next time you get paid. For example, if a storm caused severe damage to your roof or your water heater stopped working and needs to be replaced, you’ll need to address these issues immediately. If you don’t have enough money saved up to pay for these repairs, you should consider short-term loans in Mississippi.

Home repairs can be extremely expensive, and coming up with hundreds or even thousands of dollars to pay for them is a real challenge for many families across America. It’s hard enough just to keep up with paying your regular bills but add a large unexpected expense on top of that, and you have the makings for a very stressful financial situation. Fortunately, there are trusted companies like Speedee Cash out there that can help you get through the tough times by providing short-term loans that fit your needs.

Many short-term loan options do not require a credit check, so you’re able to get assistance no matter what kind of shape your credit is in. Whether you’re looking for a payday loan, title loan, or installment loan, companies like Speedee Cash are there for you whenever you need to pay for home repairs.

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Which Type of Short-Term Loan Is Right for You?

From time to time, you may find yourself in a position where you need cash – and quickly. There are a plethora of potential reasons for this – maybe you recently lost your job, or perhaps you owe money for an unexpected medical emergency. Whatever the reason may be, it’s helpful to know that trusted companies like Speedee Cash can offer you a cash advance in Mississippi when you need it. But what type of short-term loan best fits your particular needs? We’ll discuss some options below.

Payday Check Advance – These single-payment loans are designed to help you avoid charges related to bank account overdrafts, late payment penalties, utility reconnections, and other fees.

Title Loans – If you’ll be unable to pay back the loan in a single installment, or if you need a larger loan amount, you have the option to provide your clear car title as security until your debt is repaid.

Installment Loans – If you meet company underwriting requirements, you can be eligible for either a secured or unsecured Credit Availability loan.

If you need help deciding which type of cash advance is right for you, talk to the friendly and knowledgeable team members at Speedee Cash today. They’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction when it comes to your short-term loan needs.

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What Can an Installment Load be Used For?

Often, when you need money, time is a pressing issue. You may need to pay for an unexpected bill or have a shortfall in your finances that you need to make up quickly to keep payments up to date.

Installment loans in Mississippi are an ideal solution in the case of needing a quick cash infusion. These loans are great for things like purchasing a new washing machine or getting a major repair job to your car. They allow you to get the money you need without delay but don’t require that you pay back the amount in one lump sum. One of the most attractive aspects of the loans offered by a company like ours at Speedee Cash is that the approval period is very quick for most customers.

First-time customers can get their loan in as fast as 15 minutes if they complete the simple steps required to obtain a loan. Applying can be done online or at a physical location. If you are a returning customer, most likely you can be re-approved in mere minutes and have the cash you need.

Installment loans in Mississippi are very convenient for individuals who require funding for various aspects of life and want easy repayment terms.

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How to Use a Cash Advance to Pay for Surprise Expenses

We all make plans for what we’re going to do in the future and hope that things work out as we expect. Then life happens. All of a sudden, we’ve got expenses that aren’t accounted for, and a quick infusion of cash is needed right away. Maybe it’s a major repair job for a vehicle or home appliance that has died unexpectedly and needs to be replaced right away. Whatever the case, when you need a cash advance in Mississippi, a company like ours at Speedee Cash is ready to help you.

Once you’ve pinned down your need and precisely how much cash you’re looking for, then the next step should take you to a reliable, customer-focused company for your cash advance in Mississippi.

A cash advance, or paycheck advance, as they are also known, allows you to get money right away to cover your surprise expense. You quickly get the cash you require and can use it immediately to pay your unplanned expense.

Here’s a quick look at how the procedure works: You apply and then write the company a check for the amount plus fees. Then, simply come back on the due date to repay the money. At that point, your check is returned to you. Your unexpected financial burden is taken care of, and your advance is repaid; it’s definitely a win for you.

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How to Get an Installment Loan

Once you have realized that you require short-term financial assistance, an installment loan is a good option. But how do you obtain such a loan? The steps are quite simple at Speedee Cash, and we’ve created this blog post so you can quickly get a handle on them as well.

When you’ve chosen an installment lender in Mississippi to help you, the first thing that you need to consider is if you are old enough. You need to be 18 years of age in Mississippi and 19 in Alabama. If you meet that requirement, then you need to bring a valid, current government-issued photo ID with you to your installment lender in Mississippi to set the wheels in motion to secure your loan.

Also, make sure you bring along a personal void check that we can keep on file and your most recent bank statement, which shows that you have an open and active checking account. In Alabama, your account must have been open for at least 30 days.

Finally, we require proof of income, such as a check stub, social security benefits letter, or similar document. By following these simple requirements, you can be eligible for an installment loan.

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Reasons You May Need a Title Loan

A title loan allows you to quickly get the money you need by putting your vehicle title up as collateral. In plain terms, you hand over ownership of your car until you repay the loan in full and forfeit ownership if you cannot pay. Depending on the lender, you may need to own the car outright to qualify for title loans in Mississippi; other lenders will work with you as long as you have equity in your vehicle.

Since these loans put money in your hands quickly and don’t require good credit, they’re an attractive option when you encounter unexpected expenses. Some of the most common reasons for getting a title loan include:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Auto Repairs
  • Housing Deposits
  • High Utility Bills
  • Holiday Spending
  • Job Loss
  • Extra Capital for a Small Business

Find out if title loans are a good option for you by talking to a lender. The key advantage is that you can get money quickly – often the same day you apply. Since your eligibility is based on your vehicle title or its equity, they are often a viable choice when you have a poor credit history. Other people also appreciate the short term lengths of these loans; often, the term is between two weeks to a month, which means you won’t have the debt hanging over your head for a long time.



How to Handle an Unexpected Car Repair

How to Handle an Unexpected Car Repair

Car repairs are commonplace, but they can easily overwhelm your finances. Even if you do your best to keep up on maintenance, you can’t totally prevent the need for repairs. After all, accidents happen all the time. While some problems can be fixed inexpensively, other repairs will set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars. So what can you do to stay afloat?

You may want to consider your options for payday loans in Mississippi. These types of loans are often the simplest and quickest way to get the money you need, helping you get back on the road as soon as possible. Since these loans are based on your paychecks, it doesn’t matter if you have a than stellar credit history.

If you’re not interested in a loan, you can try crowdfunding. Platforms like GoFundMe make it easy for your family and friends to send you to the money you need and even share your campaign with other people who can help. However, not everyone is comfortable asking for money, and there’s no telling how successful your campaign will be.

The other common option is to put the repair expenses on a credit card and pay the cost off over time. Do some research to determine whether it makes more sense financially for you to pay for the repair on credit or take out a payday loan. You’ll want to compare interest rates, as well as term lengths.

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Quick Loans: Best Solution for Borrowing Cash Fast

Whether you need to pay an overdue utility bill or repair a broken-down car, sometimes you need quick cash for emergencies. So what’s the fastest and easiest way to get cash to make those necessary payments? If you have a credit card, you could inquire about extending your credit limit with a cash advance, or you can try a payday loan from a payday lender like Speedee Cash.

Scrambling to generate quick funds happens to good, hardworking people like yourself every day. Your child might get sick and need emergency medical care. Your car’s transmission might blow. You might find yourself being laid off from work and can’t cover your rent check. Speedee Cash can offer several short-time loan options that require no background checks or lengthy application processes. Whatever the reason you need the cash, you need it quickly, and we can deliver.

Payday loans in Mississippi are the perfect fast cash option that will help you right now and won’t leave your finances hurting in the long-term. A payday loan can supply you with several hundreds of dollars up front, before your next paycheck. Paydays loans are then paid back in a single lump sum. This is an excellent solution for when those unexpected needs pop up. Find the relief you are looking for by turning to us for our convenient loan services. You can start the application process online immediately and then visit us in person at one of our many locations throughout Mississippi.

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How Short-Term Loans Can Improve Your Credit

Ah, those all-important credit ratings. These determine whether or not you qualify for loans or credit cards. This is why when you take out short-term loans in Mississippi, you must be aware that paying late or not paying at all impacts your credit rating negatively. This matters because without credit it’s difficult or impossible to buy large-ticket items such as houses, cars, and electronics.

Often, a short-term loan seems like the ideal solution to a temporary shortfall in your budget. However, you must make sure you can repay the money on time. It’s easier to get one of these loans because the interest rate is higher, and the payback date is sooner, making it more attractive to lenders. With certain types of loans, the due date is your next paycheck. There may be other dates involved with different types of Mississippi short-term loans, such as using the title of your car as collateral.

No matter how much money or time is involved with these loans, your commitment is clear — paying the amount due at the time you promised. This is what the big three credit reporting agencies look for, and they rate you accordingly. When you’re on time, short-term loans can improve your credit score and make borrowing easier for those big-ticket items.